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What is Reverse Image Search?

The Reverse Image Search is a type of online query where instead of word or keywords you will use an image. This means you will need to upload the image you have and use it to find similar content within the picture.

Basically, this service is great for when you do not know the item in the picture or what is its name, you can just upload it and let our search engine look it up for you. This way, you would not have to guess it or describe the image through words and find irrelevant search result in the end.

Benefits of Reverse Image Search

If you are wondering in what circumstances or situations the reverse image search tool will be of good use to you, we can give you some reasons. As you can see, not all search queries are fulfilled by keywords search only.

As we have mentioned earlier, if you want to search about a specific item or subject from a certain image, instead of guessing or describing the item, why not just upload the image and let our service do the searching for you. It will only take you seconds and will mostly get more options and samples as a result.

If that is not enough for you, here are some benefits that Reverse Image Search can deliver you. See if some of the points here can apply for you.

Tracking of Image Use

If you are a content creator specifically on photography department, our service will of great help for you. The moment you post or publish your images, there is no stopping other people from using any of those images for their own personal use.

This means that if you think someone is using one of your intellectual properties (image), you can easily track them down. It will be then up to you to decide whether you want to pursue legal action against the culprit or just ask them to give you credit where credit is due.

Typically, most cases like this are negotiable and usually end up on a mutual understanding such as crediting the original owner of the image. You could also ask to take the image down if you feel that the image should not be on the site it is currently on.

The point is, through our service, you can easily find out whether someone or some sites are using your images without your permission. This way, you can apply proper actions for your intellectual property.


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