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In the context of the internet, a web spider, also known as a web crawler or spiderbot, is a type of software program that automatically browses the World Wide Web. These programs are employed by search engines to gather information about websites and index them for search results. Web spiders follow links from one website to another, extracting content and metadata along the way. This collected information is then stored in a searchable database, allowing search engines to provide relevant results when users enter queries.

Web spiders play a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of search engines. By constantly crawling and indexing the web, they ensure that search results reflect the latest content and changes on websites. They also help to identify and remove broken links, ensuring that users are not directed to non-existent pages.

Here are some of the common tasks performed by web spiders:

Discovering new websites: Web spiders start by identifying new websites that they have not previously visited. This is often done by analyzing links from existing websites or by following user-submitted content.

Fetching and parsing HTML: Once a web spider identifies a new website, it retrieves the HTML content of the webpage. The HTML is then parsed to extract the content, metadata, and links to other pages on the website.

Following hyperlinks: Web spiders follow the hyperlinks within the HTML content to discover new pages on the website and to navigate to other websites. This process helps them to explore the vast expanse of the web.

Indexing and storing information: The extracted content and metadata from each website are indexed and stored in a database. This allows search engines to quickly locate relevant information when users enter search queries.

Identifying and reporting errors: Web spiders can also identify and report errors or broken links that they encounter on websites. This helps to improve the overall quality of the web and the search experience.

Web spiders are essential tools for search engines and for maintaining the health and integrity of the internet. They constantly crawl the web, gathering and indexing information, ensuring that search results are relevant and accurate. Without web spiders, the internet would be a much more challenging place to navigate and search.


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